The purpose of the AV booth is to enhance the worship services by providing slides to follow along in worship and also to control the sounds of the microphones of the pastors and any musicians or singers during the services. The group also records the services and puts them on the internet for the public and members to view

  • Slide Preparation – preparing the slides for the weekly services and any other services as needed. The average time commitment is 1 to 2 hours per week and usually is done on Friday or Saturday.
  • Slide Advancement – advance slides during the service which involves turning on the projector and TV and getting the slides advancing a half-hour before service and then advancing slides during the service. At the end of service, shutting down the projector and turning off the TV and stopping the advancing of slides. This requires about 1 ½ hours of time during services.
  • Video Recording – this involves maintaining the equipment, setting the information for the recording, and actually taping the service. This requires 1 ½ hours of time during the services.
  • Sound Board – This duty involves operating the soundboard and also controlling the volume of microphones for the various speakers and musicians as needed. This requires about 1 hour or the length of the service.