Hi! Thank you for coming to worship with us. We are so grateful you came and want to make sure you feel welcome and at home here at St. Matthew.

We’d love to stay connected with you. Just fill out the Care Card below to let us know that you joined us. See you next time.

When are Services?

Services take place Saturday evenings at 5:30 p.m. and Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

When Should I Arrive?

We recommend arriving 5 to 10-minutes prior to our service times.  This will allow you to grab a service folder, meet our greeters, and find a seat.

Where Can I Park?

Street parking is available on Lawrence Street.  We have handicapped parking available in our Lawrence Street lot near door #4 and in our North Lot.  Our North Lot is reserved for seniors, expectant mothers, and those who have limited mobility needs.

What Can I Expect at a Service?

Our service begins with some opening remarks by our Pastor, an occasional informational video, and an introduction to worship.  We then hear the ringing of the bells followed by the opening song.

How Should I Dress?

Sometimes people wonder how they are expected to dress at a church they have never visited before. Since the Bible presents no dress code, aside from simple decency and Christian humility, St. Matthew Lutheran Church doesn’t make any rules either. On any weekend at our church you may see suits and jeans, high heels and tennis shoes, t-shirts and ties. When a person dresses out of love for God, the choice of casual dress or more formal is acceptable to God and to us.

Can I Bring Children to Service?

Yes! The word of God is for all, and we welcome children to attend our services.  We have children’s bags, which are filled with coloring pages and quiet activities, available at the main church entrance. If your child needs a little more room to roam during service, we have a children’s area available in the church basement.  Our ushers can assist you with any questions.

What Will You Want from Me? 

We understand that attending a service in an unfamiliar church can be intimidating. You will not be hassled to provide any information or partake in our offerings.

If you would like to learn more about our church, we encourage you to fill out a guest card located in the pew rack.