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All you need-All the time

All You Need – All the Time

What’s one thing that you need to do (or have done for you) every day?  To have a friendly talk with someone else? To have others express that they care about you?  To be able to get things done, or to be sure those you’re responsible for, are cared for?

The list could go on.  Often, it feels like things you need to do, or have happening for you, aren’t.  Then comes alarm, disappointment, anxiety, and envy.  Which is why God tells us about Abram in Genesis 15 (before God changed his name to Abraham – read the whole chapter for “the rest of the story”).  Abram was getting old.  Past the age of having kids.  But yearning for an heir, and the fulfillment it would bring.  This presented a huge problem for him.  He was setting his heart on having earthly matters “right,” rather than the spiritual riches he already had.

God set Abram’s heart right.  He told Abram, “I am your shield.  I am your very great reward.”  Abram didn’t need the security of family who would care for him in his old age.  He had a compassionate and an in-control God looking after him 24-7.  He didn’t need the happiness or the fulfillment of a son and a heir (at least not yet – God was still good about granting him that later, and the promise of God’s Son through his).  For the moment, and at all times, Abram had a Lord who filled him with love, forgiveness, faith, contentment, peace, acceptance . . .  The Lord God was all that he needed, all the time. 

Even at those times it doesn’t seem like it, that’s the way it is for us as children of God.  We need to be reminded of that, like Abram.  We need God to speak to us, sometimes every day.  And he can, he does, through his Bible Word.  I’ll admit, I have time every day that I could listen to or read God’s Word.  The web, Bible CD’s, devotion books, and even Bibles on my shelf.  It’s so easy.  But I don’t.  And because I’m a sinner setting my heart on having things “right” in earthly matters, along comes alarm, disappointment, anxiety, and envy.  You sadly suffer from this, too.  Sinful ailments which if not treated, turn into something much worse.

But God gives us his Bible “meds.”  Take two and get divine relief.  We get his very words into our minds and souls, and we experience his peace and prosperity, which are heavenly.  Fall is a good time to jump start our sitting at Jesus’ feet and soaking up all he fills us with.  I’m going to try and get back into my routine of listening to Bible CDs in the car.  Will you partner with me in Word time?  More importantly, will you join the Savior who died and rose for you, who’s put himself in power as the king of your life?  He’s waiting with more kingdom power and blessings for you in his Word. 

Make hearing God’s Word a family thing, with your church family.  Be there for them like they are for you, in one or more of the ways listed below (you may very well already have these in your plans; we count on you!).  Kick things off this weekend, or at another time in September.  Let the Lord remind you and show you how good he is as “your shield and your very great reward.”  All you need, all the time.

September Weekends:  Saturdays 5:30 PM;  Sundays 9:00 AM  You’re Ready For This

See and claim God’s victories for you in your struggles.

Sunday School:  Sundays at 10:15 AM (after worship)  God Rules for Great Faith

Want your kids to continue “growing up” towards God?  He grows them as he rules with power & promises.

Thursdays at 10 am & Sundays at 10:30 AM:  Two Bible Studies to choose from!

Parables – Stories for Today:  Understand deep spiritual truths in easy to understand ways – for you & others!

People Close to God: “Back to the Basics” Bible study PLUS:  like praying the Lord’s Prayer with more meaning.

Also this Sunday, join us for the Corn Roast at 11:30 AM in the gym.

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