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Reformation “R & R” This Weekend!

Maybe you’ve been to one of those places that treats you like a VIP.  A fancy restaurant or posh resort.  A spa.  Or even grandma’s and grandpa’s place.

You’re addressed as “Mr. and Mrs.”  They open the door for you, pull out your chair.  The sheets are turned back with chocolates on the pillows.  You’re given a comfortable spot, waited on hand and foot.  At grandma’s and grandpa’s, food you really like and “you just sit there – I’ll take care of it.”
That’s what our Reformation celebration this weekend is meant to be like.  VIP treatment, “R & R,” for the soul.  Martin Luther and others like him, back in the 1500’s, let the light of God’s saving grace and soul rest, shine out brightly from the Bible again.  “Jesus died for you and you’re forgiven – you’re right with God – relax, there’s nothing else you have to do.  Let God fill you up with faith, and love, and hope, and joy, and so many more choice fruits from the Holy Spirit.  Jump for joy inside, that at all times you’re saved from evil for a full life with God.  Burst with confidence that you’re guided in God’s path of blessing by your Good Shepherd’s voice in the Bible.  And just look at that suite Jesus has waiting for you in heaven.”
VIP treatment for your soul.  Spiritual “Rest and Refreshment.”  Celebrate 500 years and more of that in worship this weekend, at our 500th Anniversary Celebration of the Lutheran Reformation.  Worship at Saturday 5:30 pm and Sunday 9 AM
Underground for the Kids – 10 AM   Jacob & Esau: Trusting God More Than Yourself – And Significantly Blessed!
Lutherland Tour – 10:15 AM   Slide presentation by Janet Meier
Teens Bible Study – 10:15 AM    Building Relationships
Pastor Jon Kuske

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