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Infused by the Holy Spirit

Have you ever had “infused” water?  It’s when you strain water through fruits or vegetables to give it a natural flavor.  There are pitchers and cups that are specially designed for this process, and it’s a wonderful way to liven up your water with vitamins and taste.

We Christians need to be “infused” a lot.  Because we are by nature sinners, we tend to wander back to our old, sinful ways.  Those ways separate us from God.  But God calls us back, by his Holy Spirit through the gospel found in God’s Word, the Bible.  Through this Word, God the Holy Spirit “infuses” us with the message that Jesus died for our sins, and it invigorates us spiritually so we can serve God and others in our lives, and look forward to an eternal life in heaven through faith in Jesus.

This weekend is the celebration of the Day of Pentecost.  Way back in the first century, fifty days after Jesus rose from the dead and ten days after he ascended into heaven, God the Holy Spirit came in a special way and gave birth to the New Testament Christian Church.  In our worship services this weekend, we’re celebrating this special day in a special way: in a song service led by our adult choir and their director, Jim Curtis.  Join us for this special worship and you too will be “infused” in Word and song by the Holy Spirit!

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