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Planning for the Future

A new year prompts us to look back, but also to look forward.  What’s in store for us in the new year?  What can we do to improve our lives?

One key thing is to plan for what we expect is the distant future– estate planning.  Very often, people choose to avoid such planning because it relates to our death, which no one is comfortable dealing with.  But the danger in not planning ahead is that your estate will be divided up as the government sees fit, rather than how you might want it disbursed– to your family and to the causes– and ministries- that are important to you.

Join us this weekend as we welcome Pastor Dennis Kleist, our WELS Gift Planning Counselor, who will share a message from God’s Word, while also providing a presentation following our worship services that will be interesting, informative and answer any questions you may have on this important topic.planned-giving

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